Multicolour Pink and white embroidered kurta set




**Multicolour Pink and White Embroidered Kurta Set** This beautiful kurta set is perfect for any occasion. The kurta is made of soft, breathable cotton and features intricate embroidery in pink and white. The pants are also made of cotton and have a relaxed fit. This set is perfect for a day out or a special event. **Features:** * Soft, breathable cotton fabric * Intricate embroidery in pink and white * Relaxed fit * Perfect for a day out or a special event **Benefits:** * The soft, breathable cotton fabric is comfortable to wear all day long. * The intricate embroidery adds a touch of elegance to the set. * The relaxed fit makes it easy to move around. * This set is perfect for any occasion, from a day out to a special event. **Order yours today and experience the comfort and style of this beautiful kurta set!**